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  • GPSP3 Football
  • GPSP3 Football with Menu and Logo
  • GPSP3 Football with Full Game Back

Football Custom Placemat | 2,000 per case

Product Description

Keep kids happy at your restaurant with these fun sports-themed placemats. These football-themed placemats will keep kids busy (and parents happy) while waiting for their food. Perfect for sports grills, diners and casual restaurants. Customize these placemats with your logo and kids’ menu to add even more value — it’s a great way to add your brand to a kids’ placemat! If you don't have a kids’ menu, choose our Full Game Back option for extra games and fun. For full seasons of fun, check out the other kids’ placemats in this series: baseball, basketball and soccer. Touchdown!

Placemats are 10 x 14 and come in cases of 2,000.

Ships 3-4 days from Proof Approval
Maximum file size: 512 MB
Maximum file size: 512 MB